Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Punjab - The land of five rivers

From now onwards I will also share my knowledge regarding various places around the world and i am starting with my native place PUNJAB. Punjab means land of five rivers. These five rivers are the Jhelum, the Chenab, the Ravi, the Beas and the Sutlej - all of them are the tributaries of the Indus River.

Over the period it has been divided in to many parts. Now days, the northern state of India bordering Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan is called Punjab. Its capital is Chandigarh. Bathinda, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala are some of its major districts. Punjab is one of the most developed states of the country in terms of infrastructure, prosperity, per capita income, education etc. Agriculture is the largest sector in Punjab.

Punjab is the land of rich folk fore, mighty warriors and great Aryans. Indus valley civilization and Harappa civilizations developed on this land and thus has major historic significance. Punjabi people are hardworking and warm hearted people. One can find people of different religions such as Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jains etc. Punjabi is the official language of Punjab written as Gurmukhi which means "from the Mouth of the Guru" as it was standardised by Guru Angad Dev in the 16th century.

Punjab was first divided in 1947 during independence of India from British rule. The mostly Muslim western part of the province became Pakistan's Punjab Province; the mostly Sikh and Hindu eastern part became India's Punjab state. Later on Punjab was divided in to Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and present state of Punjab.


Roger Fedrer won third US open in row

Roger Federer, the great, has won third US open title in a row. The best part of this was that he completely dominated his opponent from US, Andy Roddick in the fourth and final set. Federer has now won nine major titles namely Wimbledon, Australian open, US open in last 39 months only. He is just five short of equaling Pete Sampras record of most majors. But the thing that is required to be noted is that Sampras won those titles in around 13 years. There is no doubt that he is greatest tennis player of all time because still there is no player that can challenge him on hard court. He is just shy of French open and that because of Spanish sensation Nadal. Roger Federer credits his success to his hard work. Federer is being compared with tiger woods for all time greatest athlete slot. Nadal won against Federer at French open, lost his way in the quarters to 54th-ranked Mikhail Youzhny.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Steve Irwin is no more

You must have seen a very cheerful and clownish guy catching and holding reptiles like a baby. Steve Irwin " crocodile hunter " died in a freak incident with stingray yesterday. Steve was 44. The while incident was caught up in camera. Irwin was filming for a show on the Great Barrier Reef. He seems to come up over the top of a stingray and the barb of stingray entered his chest. I personally pay homage to this great personality. When I was in my teens, I used to glue to my television to watch his show and Irwin will catch crocodiles, pythons like a child catching a ball.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Iran challenged UN security council

Iran refused to shut down its nuclear program. Iranian President said that no one could prevent his country from having a peaceful nuclear program. He challenged US president Mr. George Bush for a live debate on world issues. He said that Iran is developing nuclear program for generating electricity. Whereas according to US and European nations, Iran is developing nuclear bombs that could be very dangerous for stability in Middle East and rest of world. Iranian president has again shown his disliking for Israel by saying that the Zionist regime has deprived the Palestinian nation and other nations of the region of a single day of peace. But he also added that Iran should not be seen as threat to anyone including Israel.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Solar Sytem has now 8 planets

Our solar system has only 8 planets from now onwards according to the new definition of a planet. Pluto is no longer considered as a Planet. Now we have only eight classic planets that are named as following:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Pluto is classified under new category of planet called as dwarf planets. "Pluto is dead" according to an astronomer. Billions of textbooks related to astronomy and geography will be required to be revised. According to the scientists and astronomers Pluto was too small for its own gravity to pull its orbit into a nearly spherical shape. Also the orbit of Pluto is erratic and overlaps with that of Neptune.

New definition of planet is as following:

"A planet is a celestial body that is in orbit around the Sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it attains a nearly sphere shape and has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit."

The asteroid Ceres & an icy celestial body slightly larger than Pluto, called as UB313, nicknamed Xena will join Pluto as dwarf planets.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan passed away

Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan has passed away in wee hours today due to cardiac arrest. He was 91 year old. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honour in 2001. Ustad Bismillah khan was not well from past few days and was admitted to Heritage hospital in Varanasi. Indian government has declared one day national mourning. He was all time greatest musician of shehnai. His death is loss of not only India but whole of the world as his death is an iron blow to the music, to the art.

Ustad means both ‘teacher’ and ‘master’. He was the only one to be credited for the recognization of shehnai as classical musical instrument. He is the only one to come in mind when you talk about shehnai. His forefathers were court musicians in the princely state of Dumraon in Bihar. Bismilliah khan sahib came into fame in 1937 when he spell bounded everybody at all india music conference. Than on the eve of first republic day of India, he played raag kafi at red fort and won the heart of every Indian.

Friday, August 18, 2006


UN needs more troops in Lebanon from European countries

UN is pressing for more troops from European countries for peacekeeping in Lebanon. France has accepted to send 200 additional troops and is expected to send more than 200 troops. Germany has shown its inability to send troops for peacekeeping, as they fear conflict with Israeli soldiers. Finland will be sending somewhere around 250 troops in November. Even Italy has confirmed some troops but exact count is known.

Two Asia countries Indonesia & Malaysia has offered 1000 troops each. But this proposal is not acceptable to Israel. According to Israel, Both Indonesia & Malaysia haven’t recognized Israel as a sovereign state.


Murray lost to Roddick

Andy Roddick, stylish Tennis player from USA known for his bullet like serve and Wimbledon final defeats to Roger Fedrer, end Murray’s dream run. Andy Murry created waves across the globe by defeating Roger Fedrer earlier this week. Murry has grueling victories over British player Tim Henman, Swiss player Roger Federer and Robby Ginepri this week. Murry wasn’t able to convert his chances against Roddick and lost to him 6-3, 6-4. Both of them have played three matches against each other. Murray won previous two encounters in straight sets

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Fun filled but accurate and informative world map selling in thousands in Germany

You must be amazed to know that an interactive, colourfull world map is widely popular in Germany and almost 50,000 copies of the world map has been already sold out. The map is quite interesting and informative and describes the flora, fauna, culture, historical significance, political atmosphere, rivers, landmarks, mountains and national flag with the help of signs, images and text. So you can see and read about pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal of India, Statue of Liberty of USA, London Bridge and many more. Get your copy now and decirate your child's room with it. I am sure he/she will love it.


Row over Pluto

Pluto is going to remain as planet but would fall in a sub category called as plutons. You might ask what are Plutons? Well plutons are celestial objects that complete one revolution of sun in more than 200 years. Xena and Ceres will also be placed under this sub category of plutons. I must tell you that our moon is bigger than Pluto and Pluto has approximately 1 % mass of our earth. Pluto and its satellite, or we can say as its moon, Charon have often been considered a binary planet because they are more nearly equal in size than any other planet/moon combination in the Solar System. Pluto has two small moons too. One more question arises, how we can say that Xena is larger than Pluto? Well there are two astronomical terms, magnitude and albedo, on the basis of which it is considered that Xena is larger than Pluto. I will define both of them for you:

Albedo is a ratio of scattered to incident electromagnetic radiation power. It do not have any unit. It is a unit less measure of a surface or body's reflectivity.

Apparent magnitude is a measure of apparent brightness of the celestial body to any observer on earth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Fedrer's winning streak ends

Well, it was to come one day. Roger fedrer has lost in North America. A 55-match winning streak in North America ended yesterday when teenager Andy Murray of Britain defeated the legend, the king, in its comfort zone. Fedrer is possibly one of the greatest tennis player of all times (But i still finds Pete Sampras better than him). It was Federer’s earliest tournament exit in lasty 2 years. Andy Murray never believed that he can defeat fedex. He became only the second player to defeat Federer in 2006 - after French Open champion Rafael Nadal who has beaten him on four occasions - as he marched into the third round of the Cincinnati Masters.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


War Economics - Israel Lebanon conflict

The Lebanon -Israel conflict has cost Lebanon of at least three billion dollars in lost infrastructure. The cost of the war on Israel’s economy is estimated at nearly 5.7 billion dollars according to Yediot Aharonot daily. But according to the finance minister of Israel, the war has so far cost Israel around NIS 23 billion which includes defense establishment cost of NIS 7 billion. War will have its own effects too as production could go down to 1.5 percent. And there will be expenses on the medical treatment and reestablishment of the civilians affected by the Hezollah's Katyusha rockets.

Its well-known fact that a war can take you a decade back in the growth prospects but still sometimes it’s the only option.


Planet - Define it

Soon we may have 12 planets instead of nine in our solar system. Along with this we may have a new, generalized definition of Planet. In a conference in Paris last month of astronomers, historians and scientific writer, it was decided that a planet is an object, which orbits around the star (Sun in our case) so large that its own gravity pulls in its rough edges, producing a near-perfect sphere. So if this definition is agreed upon, we may have 12 planets in our solar system and Xena being one of them. All those irregular asteroids and comets are excluded from being defined as planets. Astronomers from around the world are scheduled to vote on the new definition on August 24 at the IAU's meeting in Prague. So soon we may be telling our children (not in my case, as i am just 22) about our solar system consists of 12 planets namely mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Xena and two more.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Astronouts confused over the defination of Planet

Astronauts around the world are confused over the definition of planet. And the bone of contention seems to be Pluto, ninth planet of our solar system. Hubble space telescope has recently detected a new object in space, which is around 70 miles longer than Pluto. This is farthest object detected in our solar system so far. As it is larger than Pluto, should it be termed as a planet? It has been named Xena. Perfectionists or more specifically purists have different point of view. According to them there are only eight planets, Pluto and Xena being bogus.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Israel - Lebanon conflict

Israel and Lebanon conflict do not seems to be ending soon. Infact Lebanon has offered its troops to disarm hizbollah men, but they want ceasefire first. But Israel do not want to leave a void and want to completely eliminate hizbollah so that it could not attack Israeli cities in future. Infact a ceasefire agreement drafted by UN is alredy rejected by Lebanon and Arab countries describing it Pro Israel. Israel is not accepting Lebanon's offer as Lebanon wasn't able to uproot Hezbollah previously.

Friday, August 04, 2006


GPS + Digital camera + World map

Now you can see on map where you have been shooting your favourite shots. This has came into effect with the simultaneous use of several products. First you can shoot any picture at any part of the world using a sony camcoder or sony digital camera. Than the location will be measured with the help of a small Global Positioning System. Both the information are transferred to your PC and SONY's GPS tracker software will synchronize the required latitude and longitudes. And then using google sitemaps you can see where you have been shoting. You can use google world map for that purpose.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Lebanon backfired : Fired 200 rockets on Israel

In what could be said as biggest attack on Israel in this Israel- Lebanon war, Hezbollah fired some 213 rockets on Israel. Meanwhile troops of Israel are engaged in fierce ground battle along the border. Israeli commandoes raided some 60 miles into Lebanon in the middle of the night to demonstrate there penetration power.


Korea wants Google maps to correct up

Google has used Japanese language to refer some places on Korea maps. And according to National Geographic Information Institute , the new map will be centered on Koream penisula as against the western europe. Earlier there was problem on refering east sea as sea of Japan by google, which was later corrected. They also said that a wall sized world map (Korea centric) is under designing and will be completed by the end of year.

Monday, July 31, 2006


World map of happiness - Canada on 10th position

Canade makes its way to top 10 on a world map of happiness created by University of Leicester in England. Canada scored well on health, wealth and educational facilties accessible to its citizens as well as to immigrants. It has outranked its immediate neighbour i.e us.

On top of the list is milk producing country Denmark. This is due to collective general sense of well being of the citizens of Denmark.


World news : Israel in no hurry to stop the war

Israel do not want to end the war on Hezbollah in quick hurry. According to them if they offers ceasefire now, than after several months the same situation will originate. They want complete solution of the problem. According to Israeli officials theywant an international peace keeping force to be deployed in southern Lebanon. Cease fire is expected this or next week.


World map of happines

You all will be amazed to know that a social pshycologist named Adrian White has created a world map of happiness using data from social organizations such as UNESCO, the CIA, the New Economics Foundation, the WHO, the Veenhoven Database, the Latinbarometer, the Afrobarometer etc. The result depends upon varoius factors such as health status, wealth, population, education, welfare outcomes, government policies, natural calimities, war. The basic thing is to develop positive frame of mind towards the life.

Many general trends could be observed from this world map of happiness such as a higher GDP per captia and access to proper education were much more likely to report being happy. The most suprising among these is that India, spiritual capital of the world comes at 125 th position. When i talked to some of my Indian friends about this report, they accepted the fact that India is fast losing its traditional strength of spiritualness and peace under the effects of fast moving western influence.

But as expected the people of countries with less population are much more happier than those living in most populated countries of China and India. One can also see that countries with less population and reasonable growth are most happier. e.g Bhutan , a little kingdom in Indian subcontinent is ranked 8th. As expected non of the arab or middle east countries showed up in top 20. Denmark and switzerland tops the list. ( Is it connected to the success of FedEX, i mean Roger Fedrer )

Sunday, July 30, 2006


World map

World map is one of the most sought after map.In a world map you get two dimenional depiction of whole of the world. It is a map of the surface of the Earth. Here again we have political world map and physical world map. The political world map shows country and territorial borders. As the name suggestes there is lot of politics in the making of these maps. A physical world map is used to show geographical features such as rivers, mountain ranges, snow, desert, soil type, greenary cover etc.

On a world map you will also see horizontal and vertical curves known as latitude and longitudes. These are used to find a particular place on the world map or globe using different values.


Map - its defination and brief description

My geography teacher used to stress a lot on maps and in my childhood we were used to play a game in which we ask the oponent to find a particular place on the world map. What is a map ? In most simple words a map is a two dimensional simplified detail of a place. This place could be any space such as country, continent, village, even your house. Now a specified scale is used to make a map. E.g on the map you can use 1 cm as equivalent to 100 km in reality i.e if thje distance between newyork and london is 1000 km than you can show it with 10 cm line on the map. According to defination in wikepedia, a map is a two-dimensional, geometrically accurate representation of a three-dimensional space. And infact there is a particular science of map making called crypto graphy. Making maps is not a new phenomenon. It have been used from thousand of years. Offcourse at that time it was much less accurate and sophisticated. Columbus found america using a map that was made to reach India.

Maps are widely divided into two categories , one is political map and other is physical map. Physical map is correct depiction of the physical features of a particular space wheresa political map is divided into countries, states, villages etc. And here starts the conflict. Two countries may be showing a particlur place in there own respective countries or even independent. This is the major bone of contention between many countries. A character notes some practical difficulties with this map and states that "we now use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well".

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