Monday, July 31, 2006


World map of happiness - Canada on 10th position

Canade makes its way to top 10 on a world map of happiness created by University of Leicester in England. Canada scored well on health, wealth and educational facilties accessible to its citizens as well as to immigrants. It has outranked its immediate neighbour i.e us.

On top of the list is milk producing country Denmark. This is due to collective general sense of well being of the citizens of Denmark.


World news : Israel in no hurry to stop the war

Israel do not want to end the war on Hezbollah in quick hurry. According to them if they offers ceasefire now, than after several months the same situation will originate. They want complete solution of the problem. According to Israeli officials theywant an international peace keeping force to be deployed in southern Lebanon. Cease fire is expected this or next week.


World map of happines

You all will be amazed to know that a social pshycologist named Adrian White has created a world map of happiness using data from social organizations such as UNESCO, the CIA, the New Economics Foundation, the WHO, the Veenhoven Database, the Latinbarometer, the Afrobarometer etc. The result depends upon varoius factors such as health status, wealth, population, education, welfare outcomes, government policies, natural calimities, war. The basic thing is to develop positive frame of mind towards the life.

Many general trends could be observed from this world map of happiness such as a higher GDP per captia and access to proper education were much more likely to report being happy. The most suprising among these is that India, spiritual capital of the world comes at 125 th position. When i talked to some of my Indian friends about this report, they accepted the fact that India is fast losing its traditional strength of spiritualness and peace under the effects of fast moving western influence.

But as expected the people of countries with less population are much more happier than those living in most populated countries of China and India. One can also see that countries with less population and reasonable growth are most happier. e.g Bhutan , a little kingdom in Indian subcontinent is ranked 8th. As expected non of the arab or middle east countries showed up in top 20. Denmark and switzerland tops the list. ( Is it connected to the success of FedEX, i mean Roger Fedrer )

Sunday, July 30, 2006


World map

World map is one of the most sought after map.In a world map you get two dimenional depiction of whole of the world. It is a map of the surface of the Earth. Here again we have political world map and physical world map. The political world map shows country and territorial borders. As the name suggestes there is lot of politics in the making of these maps. A physical world map is used to show geographical features such as rivers, mountain ranges, snow, desert, soil type, greenary cover etc.

On a world map you will also see horizontal and vertical curves known as latitude and longitudes. These are used to find a particular place on the world map or globe using different values.


Map - its defination and brief description

My geography teacher used to stress a lot on maps and in my childhood we were used to play a game in which we ask the oponent to find a particular place on the world map. What is a map ? In most simple words a map is a two dimensional simplified detail of a place. This place could be any space such as country, continent, village, even your house. Now a specified scale is used to make a map. E.g on the map you can use 1 cm as equivalent to 100 km in reality i.e if thje distance between newyork and london is 1000 km than you can show it with 10 cm line on the map. According to defination in wikepedia, a map is a two-dimensional, geometrically accurate representation of a three-dimensional space. And infact there is a particular science of map making called crypto graphy. Making maps is not a new phenomenon. It have been used from thousand of years. Offcourse at that time it was much less accurate and sophisticated. Columbus found america using a map that was made to reach India.

Maps are widely divided into two categories , one is political map and other is physical map. Physical map is correct depiction of the physical features of a particular space wheresa political map is divided into countries, states, villages etc. And here starts the conflict. Two countries may be showing a particlur place in there own respective countries or even independent. This is the major bone of contention between many countries. A character notes some practical difficulties with this map and states that "we now use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well".

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