Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Roger Fedrer won third US open in row

Roger Federer, the great, has won third US open title in a row. The best part of this was that he completely dominated his opponent from US, Andy Roddick in the fourth and final set. Federer has now won nine major titles namely Wimbledon, Australian open, US open in last 39 months only. He is just five short of equaling Pete Sampras record of most majors. But the thing that is required to be noted is that Sampras won those titles in around 13 years. There is no doubt that he is greatest tennis player of all time because still there is no player that can challenge him on hard court. He is just shy of French open and that because of Spanish sensation Nadal. Roger Federer credits his success to his hard work. Federer is being compared with tiger woods for all time greatest athlete slot. Nadal won against Federer at French open, lost his way in the quarters to 54th-ranked Mikhail Youzhny.

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